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Property Dispute Attorney

Designating Successors

A California appellate court has ruled on whether a non-participant spouse can transfer ...
Property Dispute Attorney

Community Property Rights

Equal ownership of community property assets has never been dependent upon a ...
Property Dispute Attorney

Community & Separate Property

With certain exceptions all property, including real property or personal property, ...
Property Dispute Attorney

Can You Sell Your House In The Middle Of A Dissolution Proceeding?

When you file for a Dissolution, certain restraining orders automatically go into. ...
Divorce Attorney

Burglarizing Your Own Home? It Can Happen If You Are Getting A Divorce

Divorce presents many traps for the unwary, as illustrated by the recent case, People v. ...
Property Dispute Attorney

Are Post-separation Disability Allowance Payments Community Or Separate Property?

In the case, In Re Marriage of Walker, unpublished opinion of District 6 (Filed January ...
Divorce Attorney

6 Steps for a Financially Successful Divorce

Considering the possibility of a looming divorce is daunting no matter what the details ...
Paternity Attorney

You May Have “Your Day In Court” – But At What Cost

Everyone knows, even in a general sense, that when you are involved in a legal dispute, ...
Divorce Attorney

Will The Court Order My Spouse To Pay My Attorney Fees Even If I Am Able To Afford An Attorney?

In the very recent appellate decision, In Re Marriage of Sorge (Court of Appeals of ...
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