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Philip A. Wasserman

Of Counsel

Loyola Law School in Los Angeles
California State Bar Association
San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Philip A. Wasserman, Of Counsel, is a 1995 graduate of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Before entering law school Mr. Wasserman worked in broadcast news as a producer and writer in Washington D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles. He became interested in the law from the many trials he covered as a news producer/writer. Mr. Wasserman brings his years of experience as a journalist to the legal profession.

In more than twenty years of practice, Mr. Wasserman has centered exclusively on family law litigation and mediation; working aggressively and efficiently to assist clients in reaching fair and equitable divorce results, whether in trial, mediation or through collaborative divorce. Mr. Wasserman has completed Continuing Legal Education courses in both basic and advanced mediation and collaborative law.

Mr. Wasserman has represented people from all walks of life, including but not limited to, business executives, homemakers, teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, the self-employed and members of the entertainment community. Mr. Wasserman has served a member of the San Fernando Valley Bar family law executive committee and as a mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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