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A paternity lawsuit filed with the assistance of a Los Angeles paternity lawyer is a petition to determine a parental relationship. It is most often filed to determine the father of a child but that is not its exclusive use. It is commonly filed to establish financial responsibility for a child or to secure both the rights and responsibilities of a parent.

The most common cases simply rely on admissions or DNA evidence to show a biological link between a child and the father. It is not however only a biological father that can be determined to be a father with respect to parental rights and responsibilities. As per the law interpreted by our paternity lawyer in Los Angeles, a class of “presumed” fathers who through their own conduct have assumed a parental role oftentimes to the exclusion of the child developing any bond of relationship with a biological father. A presumed father can press for rights and be pressed for responsibilities just as if he were a biological father.

A paternity case brought by a paternity suit lawyer can not only be used to establish the parent-child relationship but can confer on the court the ability to assist in crafting a parenting plan for the child.

Paternity Attorneys in Los Angeles Advocating for Father’s Rights

A father’s rights are often overlooked when it comes to family law matters. If you are a father of a child looking to exercise your due rights, we can help. Our paternity issues attorney will protect you from bias and strive for just and fair outcomes. So, call us at (888) 851-1611 or email the firm to get in touch.


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