When To Retain The Services Of A Forensic Accountant


Not all marital dissolution cases require the services of a Forensic Accountant. However, many of the more complicated cases in this ever complex and changing area of law do. Some of the reasons to retain a Forensic Accountant are as follows:


– When unreported or underreported income is an issue


– When one or both of the spouses is self-employed


– When one of the spouses has separate property claims


– When temporary and permanent spousal and child support are an issue


– When a determination of the marital lifestyle is required


– When accounting for reimbursements, tracing, allocation, apportionment and characterization of assets is needed


– When a valuation of a business interest is required


– When determination of business, executive or professional goodwill is needed


– When there has been a commingling of funds (See v. See)


– When there are reimbursement claims for post-separation maintenance of community assets (Epstein)


– When the community has made payments on a separate property residence (Moore/Marsden)


– When an apportionment of community business is necessary (Pereira/Van Camp).


Ron J. Anfuso, CPA/ABV, An Accountancy Corporation, is a Los Angeles area Forensic Accounting firm, which provides litigation support services including analysis of financial, accounting and tax aspects of marital dissolution matters, expert witness testimony and business valuation. For more information regarding forensic accounting, please contact Ron J. Anfuso at (310) 378-6606 or rja@anfusocpa.com


By Ron J. Anfuso, CPA, ABV, CFF, CDFA, FABFA

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