Tips Before, During And After Divorce


Ending a marriage may have its benefits, but it takes a toll on all involved, not only financially but often emotionally, and not just husband and wife but children, parents, and friends as well. It can take a toll on the assets of the marriage, sometimes leaving both parties ruined financially, but often takes an emotional toll. Divorce can impoverish the best of us, leaving behind emotional suffering and monetary debt.

If you have been contemplating divorce, or believe your spouse has been doing so, determine your rights and protect yourself early before you wake to find bank accounts liquidated, auto insurance and health policies cancelled, and/or children taken out of state. Making an appointment to consult with an attorney is first and foremost.

Another thing to keep in mind is therapy. Don’t try to keep hidden feelings of depression and remorse. Speak to a qualified therapist and, if nothing else, achieve an emotional catharsis. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel to talk things out with someone trained in the ways of the human psyche.

Surround yourself with friends. Your friends have probably been there for you all along, but now is when you need them most. Find someone you trust and spill your guts. If they’re truly your friend, they’ll be there for you now when you need them most.

Remember the availability of bankruptcy. The goal of a divorce is oftentimes a new start; same with bankruptcy, a means of reaching a new financial beginning.

The best way to protect yourself from loss is to be proactive in avoiding the things that bring it about. Whether it be talking to your best friend, a therapist or an attorney, communication is a direct method for taking issues head on; often you need to learn the things you may have contributed to the situation that make it difficult.

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