The Benefits of Mediation for Divorce


Parties in a divorce often have different and disparate needs. One spouse may want to remain in the family residence until the youngest child graduates from high school. Another spouse may have anxiety overpaying their monthly bills and want the best guarantee possible that they will have enough cash-flow after the divorce. In litigated disputes, the parties would go in front of a family court judge who has limited time for their case, to decide their future.


What are the Benefits of Mediation in a Divorce?


A divorce process that may suit both parties better than appearing before a judge is mediation. An experienced mediator, sometimes working with a financial advisor, can help the parties reach a divorce settlement that comes closest to meeting both parties’ needs. Additionally, parties in a mediation can save considerable time and money as the cost of mediation is generally two-thirds less than litigation. Furthermore, mediation allows parties to express their emotions and desires in a way that parties can never get in court.


Finding a Divorce Mediator in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties


How do you choose a divorce mediator? Find an attorney who is both trained in mediation and has litigated tough cases. Why? Because a mediator with litigation experience is more apt to know how family courts generally rule on issues, so you do not end up spending money on litigation that will likely not give you the result you want. A mediator who has never been to court will not have this experience.


Even if you are in the middle of bitter litigation, you and your spouse can still call a “time out” and try mediation. There is an important caveat: Parties must be active participants in the mediation process. The mediator can show the parties the road to settlement, but the mediator cannot force the parties down that road.


If you are considering or are in the midst of divorce, you should consider the benefits of mediation. The Reape-Rickett Law Firm has experienced mediators who can show you and your spouse the road to settlement. Contact Us Today to meet with one of our highly qualified attorneys at (888) 851-1611 and see if you could benefit from mediation.

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