Shareholder Matthew Breddan Elected to Haven Hills Board of Directors


The Reape-Rickett Law Firm is proud to announce Shareholder Matthew Breddan, Esq. has been elected as the Secretary of the Haven Hills Domestic Violence Agency Board of Directors. As a current member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Breddan is excited to step into his new role as Secretary and continue to contribute to their mission of providing safety, shelter, and support to survivors of domestic violence.

Mr. Breddan began practicing law in 1994 and has focused exclusively on family law matters for over twenty years. Throughout his career, Mr. Breddan has represented and advocated for domestic violence survivors and recognizes the vital role organizations like Haven Hills has in helping people break free from abuse. After joining The Reape-Rickett Law Firm as a Shareholder in 2013, Mr. Breddan and the firm expanded their support for Haven Hills through event sponsorships and direct support, including providing holiday meals for families at the shelter. In 2018, Mr. Breddan became a member of Haven Hill’s Board of Directions, solidifying his support of the organization and the families they serve. As Secretary for the Board of Directors, Mr. Breddan will provide administrative support and accountability for the Board, as well as important records management and retention. Additionally, he is prepared to assume the leadership role in the event the President and Vice President are unavailable. Mr. Breddan looks forward to continuing his support of Haven Hill’s mission and commitment to saving lives, inspire change, and transforming victims to empowered survivors.

Established in 1977, Haven Hills works to break the cycle of abuse by providing safety and support to survivors. To achieve this mission, Haven Hills provides a wide range of services including a 24/7 crisis support, crisis shelter, transitional housing, educational outreach programs, and more. Through their network of services and care, Haven Hills helps an average of 2,500 people break away from abuse and create a new life every year.

If you or someone you care for needs support or help escaping domestic violence, call Haven Hill’s 24-hour crisis line at 818.887.6589. For additional information about Haven Hills, visit and for more information about The Reape-Rickett Law Firm visit our home page

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