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Although it is normal to feel stressed when going through a divorce, de-stressing your life through productive means can help you stay stress-free longer and make you feel better about yourself. Since September is national Self Improvement Month, it is a good time to de-stress your life, and here are some ways how:


De-clutter your bedroom: Sleep is the most important natural stress reducer. Too little sleep can leave you cranky, irritable and on edge. Too much sleep can leave you sluggish and depressed. Try to find the right balance that allows you to feel well-rested and ready for the day.


Promote better sleep by getting rid of the clutter in your bedroom so it has energy that helps your body renew and rejuvenate while you sleep. A nourishing and supporting bedroom should be clutter free, especially in your closets and under your bed. Also, use soothing colors, materials, and images to nourish your personal energy.


Exercise: Virtually any form of exercise can act as a stress reliever. Even if you’re downright out of shape, you can still make a little exercise go a long way toward stress management by engaging in mild physical activity, such as walking or deep breathing. According to the Mayo Clinic, any physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins, which, in turn, helps relieve stress.


Here is one easy deep breathing exercise that you can do virtually anywhere: Breathe deeply from the abdomen, getting as much fresh air as possible in your lungs. When you take deep breaths from the abdomen, rather than shallow breaths from your upper chest, you inhale more oxygen. The more oxygen you get, the less tense, short of breath, and anxious you feel.


Make a game plan: Write down everything that makes you stressed and next to it write down how you are going to address it. Your game plan should have two main parts: short-term solutions and long-term solutions. Your long-term solutions should include a plan to be a more relaxed person overall. This will include how you view your work, your relationships, and your responsibilities.

In conclusion, undoubtedly divorce is stressful. Hopefully, some of these easy steps will help you de-stress.

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