Do I Need to Hire An Attorney?


This is likely the most commonly asked question I hear, whether I am getting my hair cut or sitting around the table at dinner parties … “I have a friend who has a situation and they want to know if they need to hire an attorney?”   The short answer is “it depends”.   A Family Law case is similar to any other legal case, there are really two ways to resolve: 1. Reach an agreement or 2. Go to court.  Fortunately, Family Law somewhat differs from other legal suits, in that the court would much rather adopt resolutions made by the parties than hear days of trial.  If you have attempted to resolve your case and that has failed, then before you go to court it is always wise to consult with an attorney.  During the consultation process you should be informed of the additional options available beyond having to hire an attorney each and every time court is involved.  One such option is hiring an attorney to provide divorce coaching or consulting.  This means that the attorney is hired to coach you through whatever issue you have but they do not represent you or appear in court on your behalf.  This allows litigants to have appropriate paperwork completed in the appropriate manner, filed and served.  At the same time, they can be made aware of the legal issues and the various scenarios that may unfold in court.  This may not be the best option for everyone and, of course, such strategy has “pros and cons”, but for those cases that litigants may not have the resources to employ an attorney, or the issue is relatively straightforward and do not need an attorney in court with them, it is a great option to consider.

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