Dealing with Divorce – Why You Should Create a Divorce Playlist


Divorce is emotional and very stressful so creating healthy ways to process everything is crucial. Having a trusted team of professionals and friends by your side is an important first step. And while your attorney can provide guidance, they aren’t a therapist, and even if you have a therapist (which I recommend), you may still need something to get you through the days and nights when you are filled with sadness, anxiety, anger, or a combination of all three. We know that among other things, music can reduce anxiety and stress, and lighten your mood, so you should consider building a divorce playlist. Seriously.



What’s the best divorce song? That answer lies in the ears of the beholder. Angry spouses might prefer Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walking.” Elton John can inspire with “I’m Still Standing,” and Fleetwood Mac reminds you that you can “Go Your Own Way.” In the mood for disco? Then add Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” to your playlist. Britney Spears knows something about divorce and adversity, so queue up her song “Stronger,” or if your ex wasn’t the greatest, throw on “Toxic.” If moving on quickly is your goal, then take Taylor Swift’s advice and just “Shake It Off.” Lionel Richie sings “I’m Giving You Back Your Name,” but that’s legally incorrect. One spouse cannot legally force the other spouse to return to their former name. Notice I said, “former name.” The term “maiden name” went out with the Middle Ages. If you really want a song that torches your soon-to-be-ex, then you’ll want to have Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” on your playlist. Or you can keep things simple with Tammy Wynette who spells it “D-I-V-O-R-C-E.” Finally, there is this one song by CeeLo Green. The PG version is called “Forget You.” We can’t use the name of the original version, but you get it. 



I’m building a playlist and if you have a favorite divorce song, email it to me at If you need divorce or family law assistance, contact The Reape-Rickett Law Firm at (888) 851-1611 or visit

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