Costly Mistakes


Divorce need not be difficult nor emotionally damaging, but here are a few things you should avoid doing:


-Not following advice from your professionals and taking advice from bitter friends who went to war with their former spouse


-Failing to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and economically


-Putting your needs, wants and desires before the best interest of the child(ren)


-Remaining bitter and/or angry with your spouse


-Hide or otherwise try and dispose of the community assets


-Want what you want and only what you want without any thought of compromise


-Fail to focus on your real goals and let your emotions and fears drive your actions


-Place any and all blame only on your spouse and avoid accepting any personal responsibility for your decisions


-Use the courts and the litigation process to hurt and cause your spouse pain just because you can


-Play the victim and refuse to move past what’s passed


-Defy or fail to follow court orders


-Share all of your feelings with your child(ren)


-Share any financial woes with your child(ren)


-Interrogate your child(ren) after custodial time with their other parent


-Refuse to allow your child(ren) to take or bring any of their belongings on a visit with their other parent


The list can go on and on so you get the point … as horrible as any of these actions sound, be assured there are many who have not been able to stop themselves.

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