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The Reape-Rickett Family Law Firm Serving Santa Clarita


Our mission is to provide family law legal services that are second to none. We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards and are committed to providing quality services. Each firm member takes special care to understand the unique and individual concerns of our clients. Our team approach to each case ensures efficient and timely responses to simple or complex issues. We empower our clients with knowledge and information, enabling them to make reasoned and results-oriented decisions.


What you can expect from The Reape-Rickett Law Firm



The Initial Consultation

Los Angeles Family Law Firm Our initial consultations are informative, working encounters - not a sales meeting. To ensure prospective clients get the most out of the consultation, first time callers are directed to intake coordinators who collect the preliminary information required to schedule an appointment. Intake coordinators will also provide guidance on how to prepare for the meeting.


During the meeting, the attorney asks questions designed to elicit information so the attorney can assess the case and provide advice that will allow the client to make informed decisions. This includes whether an attorney needs to be retained, an assessment of potential case outcomes and an estimate of attorney fees based on the information provided to the attorney.



Family Law Focus and Our Level of Expertise

All our attorneys focus on family law and almost always know the opposing counsel and judge. To date, we have handled over 7,500 cases. We invite you to visit our website:, where you will find 275 articles written by the attorneys of our firm. These articles cover virtually every aspect of family law.




We appoint two attorneys and one paralegal or case worker to every case. Thus, every aspect of your case will be properly and thoroughly addressed. A member of your team will either answer your calls immediately or return them promptly, as at least one of the assigned staff is nearly always available.


Los Angeles Family Law Firm The more attorneys involved in your case, the greater the likelihood you will be pleased with their efforts. If you only have one attorney, you are stuck with that attorney's style, beliefs and prejudices. Some may litigate nearly everything, thus unnecessarily driving up fees. Others may only negotiate. Still others may not communicate with opposing counsel to attempt to resolve issues. Because our firm has ten attorneys available to collaborate on your case, it virtually guarantees access to the right attorney who can provide the appropriate assistance.




Personal Attention

We will share with you our polices and procedures, and our mission statement. You are invited to interview the attorneys and support staff who will be working on your case.


Every task related to your case will be calendared, including requests for information. This enables the attorneys to study progress and attend to every detail. In the rare occurrence where a scheduled action does not take place by its due date, we hold an inquiry. Every action remains in the system until it has been completed.


Our policies and procedures mandate that every attorney here receives case reviews each day. This ensures that all cases are examined at least once a month. When we perceive a problem on a case, we do not delay in meeting to further review the issues and take any actions necessary.



Consider The Reape-Rickett Law Firm

<?php echo $myMetaData[region]?> Family Law Firm If you research our practice, like we advise you do with any law firm you are considering, you'll learn we have an excellent reputation in the legal community. You'll receive personal, thorough attention, aggressive representation and collaborative expertise for a reasonable, fully-documented fee. We will keep you informed every step of the way and attain the best results possible given your situation.